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North Carolina Bus Information

Due to the size of the camp and the interest from people in North Carolina, FCA again will be chartering a bus to the camp with stops in Greensboro, NC and Chapel Hill, NC.

The bus will be leaving from Greensboro, NC at 7:00 am on Sunday, July 10 and then stopping in Chapel HIll, NC at 8:30 am before heading off to Gettysburg College.

The bus will return on Thursday July 14 and will plan on being back in Chapel HIll approximately at 5:30 pm and then Greensboro around 7:00.

The cost to ride is only a $40 reservation fee.  This fee provides lunch on the way to camp as well as the way home. You can sign up by clicking on the bus registration button.

If you have any questions about the bus or the camp, please feel free to contact Scott Hodgson directly.